I had various problems through the course of the assignment. Some I have discussed, others I have not.

Comments Form – When I first applied the comments form across every single entry page, it was not appearing on any page other than the videos page. I managed to solve this by adding the extra channels to the comment_entry embed template comments channel tag pair.

RSS feed – This was an unsolved issue – basically I followed a tutorial to get an RSS feed up and running. I’ve not included a post about it, as it didn’t seem to work for me anyway and it seemed pointless to document it in depth to then say “but I didn’t use it anyway”. It was interesting because if I loaded the news template that only had the information for new posts, I could see the feed, however when linking it to the actual feed code it just didn’t work. I’ve left the remaining code in the site as well as links so that hopefully when it is marked I’ll find out what I did wrong and why it wasn’t working and i’ll be able to implement one in the future.

FreeForm – To be quite frank, this pissed me off a lot. I have no idea why it wouldn’t work. I did exactly the same as Shelley, and yet mine just wouldn’t conform. I solely put the blame on either GoDaddy, or ExpressionEngine Core. They can split it if they like, I don’t care! I think that next time I create a website for a client, I will use another host. I managed to do a workaround which worked fine and did the job it needed to, just without the email notification. I’ve documented how it works to show my understanding, but other than that, never mind!

Display:block; – This isn’t really a problem, it’s actually the solution to the problem.  It does however have a visual companion! I kept getting gaps under all of my pictures – I’ve had this problem before, but for some reason only this time have I decided to actually sort it out! It’s good to know for the future.

problem - space below picture 1

Adding display:block; eliminated the gap!

problem - space below picture 2

Font size Opera – I found that when I viewed my website on Opera, the text was much larger than on other browsers. I am using ems for most font sizes, and the default font size (1em) in most browsers is 16px. In Opera, the default font size is 20px. To counteract this, I set font-size to 16px as a css rule for body.

Borders around IE images with links – This was an easy one to fix. I’ve had this problem before where IE adds borders to images that are also links. This was a simple case of adding this: a img{border:none;}