Here are some notes myself and Tom have prepared for our presentation tomorrow. As a group we decided that us two would take the speaking roles, and alternate between different aspects of the presentation.


  1. We were tasked with creating a commemorative programme for the Dickens Museum 40th Anniversary. It had to include important information regarding dates, times and events. Our main focus was creating something that wasn’t only exciting and tactile, but also very original in its design.
  2. Our strongest Idea to explore was that of curiosity. This idea was further expanded upon when we visited the museum. As a group we were fascinated by the trinkets and items being exhibited.
  3. To create an impression of curiosity in our design we decided to stray away from a standard booklet approach in favour of a box. Shaped like a cabinet, our design is a culmination of smaller items unique to each day to convey the information. This creates an eclectic yet intriguing feel.
  4. Other curious aspects of our design include the slight variation of the individual pieces but most notably, the integration of the sections of Charles Dickens images on the back cover of each booklet. The construction of the booklets themselves is also quite interesting.
  5. The creation of the booklets is quite simple but also slightly intricate. All of the designs were able to be printed on A3 and the construction involves simple folding techniques. Not only does this reduce costs but this allowed us to experiment with stock.
  6. As stated, the production is quite low for the intricacy of the whole project. It values out at about £6 a unit. We recommend that, at full quality, these units could be sold for a profit, unit price standing at £10-12.
  7. Any Questions…