Just received some feedback from my client, so I thought it was worth a mention!

client feedback

I was undoubtedly expecting that someone of my clients high standards would never be 100& happy (I mean this in a nice way!). Especially as a part-time designer. As far as i’m concerned, this feedback tells me that my client is happy with the website functionality and it is being used well for its purpose. This is the best kind of feedback, even more so once you’ve handed in the assignment it relates to!!! As my client has no free time for around a month and my assignment is over, we can now discuss any additional works on a fee-basis. I’d like to reiterate a point made in previous posts, that we did go through the website together in a videoconferencing session where I sat down and discussed with my client all of the tweaks and changes he wanted me to make. This was to make sure that I was 100% finished in terms of the assignment. Anything after that I would class as additional changes that don’t relate to anything my client wasn’t happy with when we discussed the website in full. It’s also good to know that my fee (logo) for up to the assignment deadline is on its way to being completed!