I would like to point out that my previous post (see: Stock Photography) is my input into the Easter break work we split between us. The work I am showing here is that of other group members, just so you can make more sense of our project and see visually where we are at.

Here is the net for the box: As a group, we all decided on what kind of shape/opening/rough dimensions we wanted for the box. We drew a rough picture, but Andreas has completed the actual net (below) we will print and use in the production of the box.

Dicken_s Box_Plex_A3_NEW Dicken's Box_Plex_A3_NEW

Here are the finished designs (below – default format, not every page) for the leaflets. As you can see there is a cropped image of Charles Dickens on the back cover. Collectively the set of books will piece together like a puzzle, revealing an image of Charles Dickens.


This is the design for the opening booklet (below – only one side)

operning page_DHM-1