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This has been the longest running assignment of the year, and for myself at least by far the most time consuming. I can’t even begin to think how many hours I’ve spent on this website. It definitely exceeds 120 hours, but it’s been something I’ve enjoyed from the offset since I rethought my original idea and decided to seek a client.

Working with a client being the ultimate reason for pursuing this as an assignment, I feel that the constant process of discussing, building, discussing, adding, discussing, tweaking etc. has proved invaluable in teaching me how working with a real client works. At every possible moment I’ve been as professional as possible. Requests have been dealt with promptly, I’ve updated my client with pretty much everything I’ve done either via facebook or phone as soon as it’s been updated, and he’s been able to see this progress online through the student server and the GoDaddy hosting account I’d been uploading pages to. We communicated on a regular basis via instant messaging services – As my client is currently in his 3rd year at Cambridge University, he is normally up at ridiculous hours but busy at all others, but we still managed to converse and discuss the site at least once a week. I kept to all of the time constraints set by my client – We planned for the site to be fully uploaded by the 10th of April giving me a couple of weeks to edit, tweak and document everything that had been done. This was achieved, and my client and I had a video conference where we went through the entire site and made alterations and changes where they needed to be made.

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect is to access the website through the URL, navigate through the site and think “I made this”. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process (minus a few moments where when things weren’t doing what I wanted them to and I wanted to rip my face off), and I feel like I’ve learned a lot on the journey. I now know how to make a working contact form, something that I didn’t know how to do before but something that will help me with my personal website as well as other assignments in the future. I also know some basic PHP coding now, specifically for template pages, which has been a massive benefit to me during this assignment and although it isn’t necessary for my Dynamic Web assignment it will be a great asset for websites I create in the future where CMS is not needed but a large number of pages are. I’ve further refined my web development skills, and i’m even more confident with jQuery than I was before. I have learned more about media queries, CSS3, html, and most importantly my problem solving skills have been improved in terms of Web design. I’ve also learned how to manage my time, and I believe that the last couple of months spent on this site has genuinely improved my work ethic. It’s made me want to be doing this for money, and it’s reassured me that I made a good choice in opting to turn this into a career.

In return for the website I built my client, I hope to receive more work in the future. My client has assured me that this will happen, and hopefully this way the website will pay for itself.