Before setting up channels, I set up my image upload preferences. This was in preparation for the ‘Gallery’ channel.

Firstly, I set up the main preferences. This involved naming the directory for EE, adding the server path to the uploads directory, and adding the URL of the upload directory. GoDaddy made it easy for me to access this information, so I copied and pasted the information directly from the server control panel.

image upload preferences

Originally, I set it up so that maximum dimensions were limited. I then decided against this as I would assign the class “image” to most images, which set the width at 100% as defined in the CSS document.

I then set up the manipulation which would set the size for a thumbnail image. Creating this option also created a folder in the uploads directory matching the name of the short name. This meant it would be easy to link a thumbnail where I wanted thumbnails to be placed as oppose to the full size image.

image upload manipulation