During the Easter holidays I was the only member of our agency left in Broadstairs.  Other members took work home to do, and as I was remaining in Thanet I decided to go and visit the Dickens Museum a second time to collect some stock photography for our project. Before I left I knew the main focus was on the trinkets inside the display cabinets, and other significant areas of the Museum such as the writing desk. I also wanted to make sure that I had photographed the main building so we could use that somewhere in the leaflets.

Over the course of around an hour, I took 117 photos. I’m not putting all of these on here as there are far too many, but I’ve uploaded a few.



The images above are a couple of the items held in the main display case on the upper level of the Museum. The items in the cabinet were all numbered, so I took a picture of the document listing which items were what (below)


There were other trinkets in the museum, including these traditional female wedding garments (below)


This (below) is a picture of the bookcase cabinet containing many first edition Charles Dickens novels. The contents of which is worth many thousands of pounds.


Before I left, I took photos of the front of the building (below). I wanted one of the building as a whole, and another of just the main entrance.