There were a couple of options for creating a dynamic website. Pure PHP and WordPress were two options – I however decided to use ExpressionEngine. CMS software which allowed you to create a website dynamically through the use of templates and a content management system. A full, commercial licence cost $300, but they offered a core version of the software which let you use most of the features for free, leaving out some more specialist modules such as membership.

I’d been hosting my website locally to begin with, but I had a hosting account with GoDaddy, so I downloaded the latest version of expressionengine and uploaded the installation files to my account in a folder called ee_site.

expression engine installation

Above is the installation of ExpressionEngine. The image shows the setup for localhost, but I changed the server path etc. to suit the server my live website was running on. Once I had done this I had to link the site to a MySQL database. I hadn’t created one before on GoDaddy, so I set one up using the MySQL module on the hosting control panel, and created a blank database for EE to funnel it’s information into.

mysql godaddy

In order to allow EE to access folders on my server and write to them, I had to set file permissions to 666 and 777 for the files listed below. Luckily this was easy on GoDaddy, as I was able to simply select a hosted folder, click on privacy and tick the checkbox for read, write and executable.

filepermissions godaddy

Once this was finished I copied the CSS, JS and images into the root directory (of the EE site not the root folder of the hosting account) and my ExpressionEngine site was up and running. Well, it had a working control panel that could write to my server and the database, and it was linked to the core files (except html). Next stage – Template management – copying the html into EE.