My client has finally got together all of his content so that I can start adding information and images to the website. To complete the transfer of material, we are using two different sources.

The first is Google Docs – this is for all of the written information, and also directs which images relate to which project by listing the file names next to the projects.


To transfer the images, we used Microsoft’s Dropbox. This connected our computers and allowed us to share a folder containing all of the visual website content my client wished to be included. I will also use this folder once the website is complete to transfer the root files over so that my client can upload his own pages/images.


Now I’ve been given some images, I’ve had time to edit a few and begin testing them out on the slider. I’ve taken a few from print,  put them into Photoshop, re-sized them to 768×1082 and saved them for web and devices (72dpi). These have then been coded into the slider, repeated on every page to give each page some content and linked together via the navigation created in the left division. I’ve also created blank pages and added navigation to the 6 footer links coloured in purple in the picture below. You can also see that I’ve changed the navigation by adding the title images to the list of pages. These replace the written text and give a far more professional effect that the websafe font could.

inserted pictures, updated links and titles and navigation added