After searching for a suitable slider, I finally came across one that seemed to suit the needs of my client, and myself.


It had a thumbnail slider, was fully responsive – a key feature for being able to view the images on different resolutions, it was fully customisable, fully compatible and came with full documentation regarding the altering and personalising of the slider. The licence enabled the use for either myself or one client to use it in their website, so I couldn’t use it again in another website without purchasing the slider again.

As I was fronting the payment for this, I created an invoice for my client with instructions on how to pay. I wanted to keep the transaction strictly professional, providing myself with accountable expenditure and my client a proof of receipt.


I read through the documentation which enabled me to incorporate the slider into my clients website with ease. This took roughly 2 hours once i’d fixed a few problems along the way. Once these were ironed out this was the result:

incorporated xml slider - defaultpictures

I left the demo images in the slider to give me a rough idea of how it would look in the website. The overall effect was pleasing, and i’m looking forward to seeing it in action with some genuine content. As soon as I have some material to work with, I’ll be able to start editing the images to web standards and adding them to the website.