This week we had a group meeting to determine where our project was going. Sticking with the concept ‘curiosity’, we decided to alter our plans slightly to a less extravagant souvenir box – one that would replicate a sort of curiosity cabinet. We decided on using doors as the opening, with transparent windows (perhaps tracing paper) as something to look through to insight curiosity in the user. We want to stick with the idea of having a separate booklet for each day of events, just to give the user something commemorative for each day and we felt this would be one of the unique features of our design. We have rough plans for the box and the leaflet design, but I will include these in a blog post once we as a group have all of the contributing sections of our piece.

Over the Easter holidays (once my foot is healed!!!) I will go to the Museum and take photos and find out information relating to them for inclusion in the leaflets.