After consultation with my client, showing him what the latest version of his site was like, he had considered using the golden ratio rule, however he wished for the site to revert back to the widths we had set beforehand. We discussed further, and set it to 30% to the left, and 70% for the right. This still gave us a big area to work with on the right, and plenty of space on the left to fit in what needed to be there.

updated metrics pt.2 width of left back to 30%

Alongside our discussion about the proportions of the page, we established that the three images below the project information section were unnecessary. These were featured images on the home page, but were relatively useless and not required to be replicated on every page. Thus, we rethought our strategy on how to create the navigation – I came up with this (below). It’s a simple navigational structure which uses the same pictures as the navigation on the home page, but achieves the same outcome in a more subtle manner. This less intrusive format allowed the footer to be free of any clutter, as those navigational links could be removed making the footer links cleaner by giving the area a bit more of a specific intention. This also allowed me to shrink the left div even further to 25% left, 75% right. This pretty much matched up with the designs i’d been given initially, so my client was happy with the changes! Going back to the navigation on the left, I plan to use the titles i’d made using PhotoShop such as the word ‘printing’ displayed in the title div of the image below. Updates to come!

rearranged navigation - exc fonts and editing