Found this, not sure if it’s worth sourcing but I thought i’d include this in my research nonetheless

Fandom as an example of participatory culture

Going to use page 6 of this book and use the boxed quotation in my essay

Participatory culture

Found this article describing a cartoon that caused a libel case – not enough information but worth mentioning now before I look for more

Success for daily newspaper in libel case

Found this law report regarding the defamation of character through satirical political cartoon mentioned above

Pitman vs Jersey Evening Post

I want to talk about political satire from early 20th century Britain

Doormat, David Low

Going to talk about fandom and copyright violation together, this article has some great information in it regarding these subjects, definitely quoting some of this!

In the beginning, there was fan fiction…

Obviously, I will be using this – citing myself in the bibliography as the author of the work. This is the subject of my essay, entitled (with a lot of thought and originality put into the name as you’ll see) ‘George the pickpocket’.


Think this could be enough, best get on, this essay won’t write itself!