It’s been a while since I last blogged on here about my clients website. I’ve been incredibly busy with other assignments, but I have made a few notable changes.

Here is the project page so far – I’ve added in a slider I used for my creative web assignment just to fill the gap in. This may be the one I use for the individual project pages.

updated metrics pt.1 increased hero size

Title – I’ve created new titles on PhotoShop,and i’m using images rather than the web font. This allowed me to add proper gradients to the title, and make them more responsive. I’ve now created the templates for every page in the site minus the individual project pages. I’ve done the titles for every page in the same fashion as this.

Left – Although only slight, I’ve added a gradient to the left sidebar to make it stand out against the rest of the page. I’ve also applied the golden ratio to all pages except the home page.

Right- The area in which the slider is situated (hero4) has been slightly increased so that the bottom of the div meets the top of the navigation on the left side rather than the two navs aligning. This gives the slider slightly more room to breathe.

I’ve also added borders around the information and title divisions, so that when I add media queries to make the website truly responsive, i’ll be able to tell how big the divs need to be with more ease.