Approaching this assignment was quite tricky, mainly because I had never tried to create a website using CMS software before. We converted a website template in lectures to a partly functioning ExpressionEngine website. We learned about channels, channel entries, creating template groups, templates and categories. This gave us the basis of creating a website installed with ExpressionEngine. The software gave the website its dynamic qualities, and displayed only the entries specific to each category. After publishing a few entries through the ExpressionEngine control panel, I had managed to configure the site to show the information relevant to the page we were viewing. It also allowed us to use one page template which contained the code to display whichever category link had been selected. Overall, this decreases the designing time significantly, and also allows the web developer to save time by only creating template pages, not having to use any actual content until ExpressionEngine is installed.

For my own website, I had a plan that I wanted to stick to. I had a basic layout that I wanted to use, and a series of requirements that I wanted my website to display. I presented this information to the class during presentation week.


Dynamic website based on comedy stories/news/videos
One featured story, 2-3 secondary stories (amount subject to change)
Archive and search



Facebook blog
(de)motivational posters
Target audience: Comedy hunters
Target age: 18-30


Aesthetical and technical considerations
Colours – Black, white blue themes
Typography – Sans Serif fonts
Layout – Simple grid based
Emphasis on dynamic content and usability



Featured story – image
2-3 articles – with images
Fixed header – dynamic content
Responsive – mobile/tab/desktop
Sidebar? (Decided against this since the presentation in favour of a sub-nav under the main navigation)


Blog style posts
EE client posting – content management
Search for archived stories
Commenting on stories
Contact – Suggestions, feedback, complaints


Good understanding of PHP
Learn how to use Expression Engine
Dynamic content for future sites
Make other websites dynamic