Just doing some research to get a better understanding of the subjects I need to talk about in my essay.

Jenkins on Participatory Culture

This may come in handy

The Civic and Political Significance of Online Participatory Cultures among Youth Transitioning to Adulthood

Found this book which talks about the challenges of participatory culture in the 21st century

Confronting the challenges of participatory culture in the 21st century

This book may help me understand political satire a bit better.  Not the full book, its a shame that there are no visual examples

Political Satire and its Censorship around the world

I’ll use this to define political satire in my essay


Again not a full book, but this may help me

Defending Politics

This has a lot of visual representation for what I want to talk about so it could come in handy

Doomed by Cartoon

Plenty to read from that! I should have a very clear idea about what I want to write by the time I get to writing the essay. Once I have read through all of this I will start looking for relevant sources to put into my essay, if I don’t find anything worth using out of these anyway!