After finishing the first board, the next had to show research into materials and processes. Luckily, I did a lot of work at Sixth Form studying materials and processes for product design, so I drew most of my information from old notes and my own knowledge to fill in the information (which we were told to keep brief). I focused on the visual aspect, namely the division of the page for the information and imagery I had to portray. I decided to be conventional by splitting the page in two, paying attention to keeping proportions, sizes and distances at relatively equal amounts.

Considering background knowledge, I chose three materials that I had a great deal of knowledge about – PVC, Aluminium and Paper. I also chose Carbon Fiber, as I wanted to find out a bit more about it and whether there were any contemporary uses for the material. Unfortunately I found very little contemporary work on this material, but it was worth researching.

For processes, again I chose four that I knew quite a lot about already – Die cutting, screen printing, blow molding and laser cutting were all methods of production that I had either studied in depth. or had the opportunity to use in practical work. I was quite glad that I was actually given the chance draw on things that i’d learned 2 years previously, for one of the first times since I left sixth form.

Here is the finished board using the template I made: