Firstly, I created a blank template board on which to display my findings and other work related to this assignment.


I then used the information (particularly the plaques that went with each piece) I discovered at the Design Museum, to create a board of research based on my findings. For this board, I chose to focus on Ted Noten’s ‘Tiara for Maxima’, Benjamin Lignel’s ‘Thinking of you’ and Susanne Klemm’s ‘Frozen’, simply because these were my favourites out of the collection I had photographed on the day.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any information about the making of two of the three, so I emailed the designers directly before I republished this post, so click here to see this information.

I had to hand draw each piece that I was talking about – I haven’t got the best illustrative skills, but I tried as hard as I could!

Susanne Klemm – Frozen

photo (4)

Benjamin Lignel – Thinking of You

photo (3)

Ted Noten – Tiara for Maxima

photo (5)

Here is the finished board: