I’ve done some more minor tweaking to the home page.

Firstly, I’d done this last time but forgot to blog about it: I have added titles to the main images. They aren’t exactly the same as in the design, but I thought that a less obscuring approach was probably better for a visually heavy site. These will be linked to pages that contain multiple projects based on the link clicked on. These will then be further linked to individual projects where you will see multiple images of the same project.

I created the titles using the <span> element, and incorporated <h1> tags into them. I set the background to an opaque black, whilst keeping the font-color at white so it stood out.

titled images


I have also added <p> tags underneath the images below the banner so that they have titles. These will not be turned into links, as I intend to use the images themselves as links. These will be linked to the same edited template pages as the hero images will be.

I’ve done some further work to the other pages, although still not enough to document. I’ve begun work on the arrangement of divs just no real visual styling. I will show progress in the next blog, where  I will have most of the page done.