Before I rendered my footage, I decided to add a vignette to my composition to give it a more cinematic feel. All this involved was a solid black layer on top of the composition, an oval mask around the outside of the composition, and some feathering/opacity changes. I put the opacity down and the feathering up so it was barely noticeable but still visible around the edges.


Once I had a completed composition, I added it to the render queue. Once in the render queue, before I rendered it I changed the settings of the render to suit my needs.

For the good render, the one I would upload online and provide a link for, I changed the settings to a Quicktime movie. The format of this was PhotoJPEG, at 100% quality. This came out at over 1GB in size, and this was far too big for what I wanted. To bring it down, I reduced the quality to around 90%. This brought the file size down to about 240MB, which was more than enough for what I wanted. I then uploaded this to youtube

This is shown here:

I then needed to render out a file less than 100MB to submit to my uni. This meant that to get a good quality I would need to use h264. I changed the render settings, but every file I outputted at h264 blu-ray separated the sound from the video and I had no idea how to stop this. In the end I had to use the flv h264 render settings, and compromise a bit of quality for the reduced file size render. It came out at about 40MBso it wasn’t too bad for a 30 second piece.