Now i’ve added all of my visual effects, I have a finished piece that i’m pretty pleased with!

All I had to do now was to add some sounds. At the start of the project I downloaded a massive pack of lightsaber sound effects, and proceeded to go through all of these to find the perfect sounds for my composition. I had to clip a few, but this I did using aftereffects. I did this by keyframing the audio levels on certain clips that I wanted to fade out or start later. I also adjusted the volume levels according to how loud a particular scene was meant to be, and whether or not there were multiple sounds going on at once.

I used around 11 different sound effects, and added these to my composition, set where I wanted them to start and finish, and then once they were all in the right place, I pre-composed all of the sounds into their own composition so that they were tidy and didnt flood the main timeline.