Once I had added the backgrounds, there was one scene at the end of the trailer where one of the characters walks away from the camera, and you see his feet which doesn’t happen in any other shot. Because of this and the positioning of the lighting in the set environment, I had to add shadowing for the half-second you can see his feet.

The wasn’t too much of a challenge, but involved knowing roughly where the shadow would fall before it had fallen.

Firstly, I created a black solid in the shot composition. I then set this to invisible so thatr I could see what I was doing, and used the pen tool to create a mask the went behind the feet of my character. This path was then keyframed, and the position altered so that it followed my character as he walked into the distance.

shadow foot 1


Above you can see the mask path. Once the paths were complete I revealed the layer which left the area inside the mask solid black. This I then feathered, and reduced the opacity to around half which made it look much more like a shadow.

Whilst I was doing this I realised that my characters foot goes transparent as he walks away.

To fix this I duplicated the footage layer, and like with the shadow I drew a path around the affected area. As keylight was being used on both layers, I then went into keylight and reduced the cli on the white. This revealed the missing parts of the shoe, and as they were transparent before, they showed up under the old footage making it look like they’d been there all the time. The result of this is shown below.

transparent foot fix