Because I had keyed out all of the backgrounds for the shots, I needed to find alternative backgrounds. The setting for my script was an office environment, and to emulate this I wanted to use pictures that looked like the inside of an office, and were convincing enough to look like the characters were actually there.

Instead of using deviantart, I found a 5 for £20 download offer on, so I decided to cough up and take advantage of high res pictures. There were thousands of images relating to office interior on a search, but I managed to narrow it down to these 4 as my final 4 backgrounds for my project.


This was a relatively simple task compared to other aspects of this project. All I had to do was to import the files into my project, then on each shot comp, I had to insert the relevant image, resize accordingly to make it look the right perspective, and make sure the layers were in the right order. The result of the good keying from before meant that the shots sat quite nicely infront of the light backgrounds,

I did use some effects on the backgrounds though, as I felt they were a little too bright and took away a lot of the clarity from certain shots. I adjusted the brightness and the contast of each image, bringing the brightness down to -50 and the contrast to 25.

adding background

I repeated this task for every shot until all of the backgrounds for done. Now it looks so much better. Without these backgrounds my project has looked a bit bland!