Because I was doing a trailer, I wanted to add the title of the movie just before the end in the traditional movie trailer style, followed by another quick shot and then the release date to finish with. The first thing I did was search for font’s to use on I’ve used this website many times for my web assignments as it contains a wide variety of fonts in multiple formats.

When I was looking through the fonts, I had in mind the traditional Star wars text, probably one of the most iconic fonts ever. I managed to find this which was pretty similar but not exactly the same:

titles font

This font was called Distant Galaxy. I instantly wanted to use this one, as it fit exactly the requirements I had.

I installed the font, and tried it out on After effects, and it looked really good!

Once I liked the font and had it installed, I added two text layers. One for the ‘SUIT WARS’ title, and another for the ‘FALL 2014’.  I then positioned them in the middle, duplicated both of these layers and pulled down and flipped one of each layer underneath its matching layer to create a reflection. I also reduced the opacity to 15 percent so that it looked like its actual reflection.

To add some effect to it, I turned all of the text layers into 3d layers, and then added two cameras. I added some gradual zoom to both cameras which were placed above the text layers giving the text a crawling in effect.

titles 1