As promised before the Christmas holidays, I have indeed purchased my domain name and paid for hosting. I figured that I couldn’t really afford to pay for 5 years at the time of purchasing, so I paid for 2 years hosting and domain registration instead.

My website is hosted at

Here is a screenshot of my site live:

DT site active

Currently while I am working on other projects and being contacted by a potential client, so my website is still as shell as it were. It just has the basic 3 pages, 960px width layout, a dummy logo to fill in a gap (logo and branding is currently being worked on) and a dummy picture to fill up the void in the center of the page.

I also made my website responsive, so to check that my code worked properly, I checked it out on my iphone:

DT site iPhone

Thankfully my code worked! For my website as a whole, I wanted to stick with current design trends and go for a minimalistic approach. I enjoy the cleanness of the white and the boldness of the black to contrast against it. As I have said before however, this was only ever a prototype. I have skills yet to learn that will enable me to finish this site alongside my proposal sent to me by a potential client. I have done a lot of research into design trends and colour schemes, but I’ve yet to research in depth into font types. Once I know what I am doing with my potential client, I can begin working, and i’ll find spare time to research anything I haven’t already researched as and when necessary.