Today I shot the footage I will be using for my assignment. I had to wait until today to do it as I needed to ensure that both of my volunteer actors were available and could travel to the location we were shooting at. The location was the Powell building at the Canterbury campus, as we were using the green screen facilities that aren’t available at the Broadstairs campus.


JVC GY-HM100E HD Video Camera
Large Tripod
Green Screen
Studio Lighting

I brought a mic and boom just in case I changed my mind or wanted some sound effects, but for the purposes of the shoot I did not capture any dialogue. This is reflected in the script.

The shoot started at around 10pm once we’d arrived. Before we shot the footage we adjusted the lighting, camera settings and the capture format. This took around half an hour to complete and once we’d got everything sorted we started shooting.

The image below shows the set up we had whilst filming. I had my laptop set up for reference in case of problems and to preview the footage we’d captured.

photo (4)

photo (3)

The next stage will be to use the footage I’ve captured, and create several .mov files for each individual shot (cut to fit) as well as a full length version. To do this I will use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.