I recently did a web search for reputable URL purchasing and hosting. The top search on Google came up with http://www.godaddy.com.

Using this site I found that the URL: http://www.danieltooley.com was still free. I plan to purchase this URL after Christmas so that I can have my website URL as my name. I have also decided to push forward my hosting, and upload my website to the internet at the same time as I purchase the domain name. I figured that I may as well wait until my next student loan came in, because by then I will be able to afford to do this, my portfolio main site will be pretty much done and I will have two or three fairly good websites to plug into it.

Rough estimates at the moment for a five year term currently price this at about £110 for .COM domain registration, private domain registration (rather than public registration as this reveals my details to the public)  business registration and website hosting with database compatibly. It’s expensive for a one off purchase but considering that it will be active for (at least) five years, I feel that it is a more than worth the investment, especially if it ends up getting me freelance work!