Our group met up today because there is no lecture on Wednesday, and we had the task of deciding the following aspects of our concept:

What colour?
What type face(s)?
What dimensions?
What texture?
What style (illustration)?
What type (photography)?
What is the content?

We looked through all of our designs we had come up with for both of our concepts, and had to whittle them down to one final concept that we would take forward to a final idea. This concept was ‘curiosity’. We then discussed what aspects of our previous design work we wanted to include and develop further. Here is a list of what we came up with:

Developed Ideas

– Commemorative box and leaflet combo

We wanted the leaflet to be more than just a leaflet. We wanted to offer people something that they could take home, and keep as a commemorative item. After all, it’s a 40 year anniversary, and a smiple leaflet would not do this justice.

– Magnifying glass to highlight hidden quotes and facts – border

The magnifying glass was an idea we had to envoke curiosity in a more literal form. Our idea is to use very small text, probably using quotes from famous Dickens novels, or facts about Dickens and the Museum itself, and have this as a border for each of our double page spreads. Kind of like the contract in the Disney film, The Santa Claus (I couldn’t find a picture of this, but if you’ve seen the film then you’ll understand the reference).

– Embossed card for the box,making it look like a curiosity cabinet

We didn’t want the box to look cheap, and the materials we were looking at didn’t suit well to being printed on, so we decided that we should emboss the card to produce a more professional effect.

– Magnetic opening to fasten the box

We wanted to use this instead of other ways we could have fastened the box together because we could easily hide the fastenings, it wouldn’t break unless it was physically removed from the box and overall it just looked better than other fastenings we had looked at,

– Sleeve around the box containing the title and what it’s for

We didn’t want to put any text on the actual box, so we decided that it would be a better idea to have a separate sleeve which wrapped around the box with the title and information about what it’s commemorating.

– Marble effect cover – imitating traditional book styles, ie. Dickens 1st editions

This was for the inside of the box. We wanted to give it a more traditional look so we thought it would be a good idea to imitate the printing methods used by traditional publishers around the time of Dickens.


Here is a basic layout based on what we decided. We wanted the pages with information about the events going on to be fixed at a picture one page, and information on the other. We decided that we would use glyphs to decorate the information rather than pictures because it looked more traditional. The green highlights the picture, and the red line is in place of the small text border we plan on using.

Basic layout

We also wanted to keep our silhouette idea, as it had occurred in several designs. If you imagine that the image is behind the black silhouette, this will be a separate sheet of black paper outlining the image and hiding it entirely.  Here is an image of what  it will look like:

layout 2

We then looked at some colour schemes. This was the final one we chose, as it fitted in with the time and the anniversary really well, conveying the message we were trying to put across:

Charles Dickens Palette

We then looked at some fonts. We haven’t fully decided which ones to use yet, but we’ve come up with a few potential ideas.

old style

In conclusion

What colour? Reds/Golds/Browns – traditional colour scheme worthy of the era
What type face(s)? Examples above, still undecided
What dimensions? Leaflet: W=140mm, H=190mm. Box: W=150mm, H=200mm, D=15mm. Sleeve: W=140mm, H=60mm
What texture? Card box, glossy paper and black paper for the leaflet
What style (illustration)? Illustrative cover and imagery inside the leaflet
What type (photography)? Photographs for the items around the house and behind the silhouettes.
What is the content? 18 pages, 9 spreads, front and back cover.
Music/sounds? N/A
Movement? Doors open on the box, magnetic seal.