Binned Ideas

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Here are a couple of ideas that I had, made a mockup to see what they would look like and then decided against them.

Baraka Obama

Here I was going to mashup a picture of Baraka from Mortal Kombat and President Obama. This was my first response to hearing the word ‘mashup’, so i decided against using it as there was no real thought put into the reasoning other than to have a mortal kombat fight between Baraka Obama and Mitt ‘Raiden’ Romney.


Rise of China

During my research I found stories about the rise of China in recent times, and I wanted to do a piece to depict the chinese taking over the world. This is what I came up with, but I didnt use this story in the end.


rise of china


Research 3

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Here are a few websites I used in my research to try and get some inspiration.

Originally I wanted to do something about the Con/Lib coalition, however whilst doing my research I realised that I should really do something that affects me on a daily basis, something that I can relate to and something that i’ll have lots to talk about when it comes to writing the essay. I decided that I would do something on fuel tax, with an impending 3p rise due in January, this is something that will affect me.

Brainstorm 1

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Click on the picture to see it full size

photo (3)


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Here is a storyboard based on the script I wrote for my piece. Apologies for the bad photography! Also when you view this post the images will be squashed to suit the size of the blog, so click on each image individually to see a better perspective and larger picture.

Storyboard1 Storyboard2 Storyboard3

Research 2

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Although I had looked into news stories from the 20th Century, I could only relate to a couple of articles due to being born in 1991 and only really experiencing the last ten years of the century. I decided that I needed to research some more current news stories, this side of the millennium. I looked through a few websites that listed the top stories of the 21st century, and compiled a shortlist of the 4 that interest me the most, as well as a couple of obscure stories that I found relatively interesting and could perhaps be inspired by.

Here are the websites that I used to obtain my information:

All of the websites had different stories on them as they were chosen by different people, however at least 5 from each website would reappear on both others.

Out of all of the stories I read, I chose these 4:

1. Election (and reelection) of Barack Obama

One idea I had centered the reelection rather than the initial election, because I feel that anything that could be done has probably already been done. I would take the Obama vs Romney campaigns, and mix them up with Mortal Kombat characters, Baraka and Raiden. (Baraka Obama vs Mitt Raiden)

2. Death of Osama Bin Laden

3. The rise of China

4. Global Recession

This was a story in the Telegraph explaining how the US had planned to blow up the moon during the Cold War as a show of strength. The study was abandoned because of the unknown ramifications to Earth as we know it. No shit! I found this article pretty funny because it summed up how ridiculous and potentially devastating the Cold War could have been had everyone been trigger happy. For this my idea was to use the film ‘Despicable Me’, where the main character plans to steal the moon, and change him into the president at the time, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

This was a story about a dog not being allowed into a restaurant in Australia because the staff believed the dog to be gay. Ridiculous, but funny. It’s funny because the dog wasn’t gay, and was in fact a guide dog. The restaurant worker mistook his question, “Can I bring my guide-dog in?” with “Can I bring my gay-dog in?”, saying that “…the gay dog wasn’t allowed in” in response. Not sure how I contextualise this, but nevertheless I found it amusing and worth of being noted at this stage!


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After playing about with a couple of ideas, and attending a lecture where we looked into current affairs for inspiration, I decided to look up the most popular news stories of the last century.

This is the site I used to obtain this information. It lists the top 100 news stories of the 20th century, selected by journalists and scholars as chosen by The Newseum, Arlington, Virginia. I looked through the list, and chose a selection that most interested me, either because they were culturally relevant or because I had an interest/background knowledge on the subject. I was hoping to draw some inspiration from these by finding a story that interested me and that had a lot of information to look through to fully understand the subject and hopefully contextualise into a graphical piece.

1.United States drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima, Nagasaki: Japan surrenders to end World War II.1945

This was (according to the article) the biggest news story of the 20th century, which is understandable due to the devastation caused, the turn of the tide in terms of WW2 and the ongoing radiation in the two areas hit even now. However I don’t think I could create a mash-up using this without seeming like I was creating something even ever so slightly out of taste, which could be a problem with a few of the stories in the list.

2.American astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to walk on the moon.1969

“One small step for man, but one giant leap for mankind”. Pretty much everyone who could watched the Apollo 12 moon landing, and remembers the aforementioned line. I could use this story along with the conspiracy theories to create a mash up that supports the view of the theorists, using images from American news or NASA at the time of the event.

8.World War I begins in Europe.1914

‘The Great War’. By far one of the biggest events of the 20th Century. There is a lot of scope with this as well as World War Two, because of the propaganda and motivational posters around at the time to keep morale up/down. The classic ‘Your country needs you!’ springs to mind immediately

22.Adolf Hitler named Chancellor of Germany: Nazi Party begins to seize power.1933

This was pretty significant, and there are a lot of posters/pictures/propoganda etc. that I could use to do a mash up.

36.”Unsinkable” Titanic, largest man-made structure, sinks.1912

This is an obvious subject for a mash up, whether it be involving the film or just the news story. If I were to do this I would use the iconic standing on the rails scene, and perhaps mix it with an image of David Cameron and Nick Clegg to change the meaning of the original image.

32.World Wide Web revolutionizes the Internet.1989

This is a pretty good subject for me to do a mash up on, seeing as without the world wide web, i’d be doing a completely different course at university. Not sure how I would approach this though, as there is far too much scope to single out one idea for this, but I guess I could do something that insinuates that Tim Berners-Lee has ruined the world with the invention of WWW.

27.Berlin Wall falls as East Germany lifts travel restrictions.1989

This was a pretty big story, as it sort of signified the end of the Cold War and unified East and West Germany again. The only things I could think of for this were that I could do something that either showed the fall of the Berlin Wall allowing war to ensue, or people building it back up.

53.White House sex scandal leads to impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton.1998

Not a particularly interesting story bearing in mind the amount of sex scandals that have since been uncovered day in, day out, but I could do something funny with this, perhaps using the film 40 days and 40 nights along with a picture of Bill Clinton replacing the main character.

89.Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs — a single-season record that would last for 34 years.1927

This was quite a significant point in the history of the NBA. If I were to use this story I would probably find a film that has a character running away from home and swap the character with Babe Ruth, changing the meaning from home runs to running from home.

100.The U.S. Surgeon General warns about smoking-related health hazards.1964

As a smoker, this story is something that I would rather wasn’t true, so if I were to use this I would take advantage of anti-smoking campaigns or use pictures of people smoking and change the meaning so that it portrays smoking as being a good idea and healthy for you , perhaps with a ‘5 a day’ poster.

Project Plan

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Week Commencing dd/mm Tasks Notes
26/11 RESEARCH/PLANNING Design Main Site (ongoing)
03/12 Design Main Site 3/12 – design

4/12 – start prototype build

6/12 – have prototype site

7/12 – project sign off

10/12 Extra Research If needed at this stage
17/12 Research for fully functional site Knowledge of forms, dynamic web – streamlined design
24/12 Build Site 24/12 – home page

26/12 – about page

27/12 – contact form

28/12 – portfolio page

Contingency until 31/12

31/12 Research and design for 1 column static Come up with designs, themes, layouts, content
07/01 Build 07/01 – home page

08/01 – about page

09/01 – add page

10/01 – add page

Contingency until 14/01

14/01 Research and design for 2 column static Come up with designs, themes, layouts, content
21/01 Build 21/01 – home page

22/01 – about page

23/01 – add page

24/01 – add page

Contingency until 28/01

28/01 Research and design for 3 column static Come up with designs, themes, layouts, content
04/02 Build 04/02 – home page

05/02 – about page

06/02 – add page

07/02 – add page

Contingency until 11/02

11/02 Project Review



Go over everything that’s been done so far, alter plans if necessary, prepare research for next stage of project, think about purchasing URL to make live online
18/02 Research and design 2 column dynamic Come up with designs, themes, layouts, content
25/02 Build 25/02 – home page

26/02 – about page

27/02 – contact form

28/02 – add page

04/03 Build Dynamic aspects – logon, contact etc.

Contingency until 11/03

11/03 Research and design 1 or 2 column dynamic Come up with designs, themes, layouts, content
18/03 Build 18/03 – home page

19/03 – about page

20/03 – contact form

21/03 – add page

25/03 Build Dynamic aspects – logon, contact etc.

Contingency until 01/04

01/04 Project overview

Project completion

01/04 – insert all components into one fully functional portfolio website,

01/04 – Make site live (if possible)

08/04 Extra build/fix time Amend broken aspects of the project
15/04 Extra build/fix time Amend and complete fixing of broken aspects of the project
22/04 Extra build/fix time 24/04 – make site live (or update)



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