After doing a lot of searching for images to use in my mashup, I came up with these which I would use.

Petrol Station

I looked at quite a few images of petrol stations. My initial idea was to find a petrol station with ‘pay at the pump’ pumps, and change them into politicians from the current government. I decided against because I could I not find any pictures of a good enough quality/size/position to achieve this. My final idea was to have the Chancellor of the Exchequer (George Osborne) acting as a pickpocket with someone filling up their car with petrol. These were the two images I chose for this, the first being the one I decided to use. The reason I didn’t use the latter was because you couldn’t see a petrol station behind, and also it didn’t look like a normal petrol pump (probably because it wasn’t, but at least it was hidden in the first picture)






I spent a while looking for a picture of a pickpocket in action, and the only one I could find that was the right size and the right position, and also not an Assassins Creed screenshot was this:


George Osborne

This was the picture I chose for George Osborne:

george osborne