I have decided that for my creative web assignment, I am going to make a website for a racing circuit. I have a keen interest in motor racing and a few friends who are heavily involved with race marshalling, so I will definitely have enough content to add.

Before I build my website, I am going to do research into different racing circuit websites, and look at what characteristics they have. I am also going to look at potential ways to improve them, and what differences there will be between my website and current websites.

Here are three racing circuit websites that I looked at:

Knockhill Racing Circuit

Brands Hatch Circuit

Silverstone Circuit

Each of these websites has similar aspects.

Standard layout

They all have a header and a footer, they all have a main ‘hero’ advertising special events or key items that the website wants to advertise.

None of the websites were responsive, so this already being a necessary aspect of my own website will set mine apart from the ones that already exist.

Firstly, I brainstormed some things that I might include in my website:


These are the features I want to include in my website:

Slider – an automatic responsive slider that displays 3 or more images in a slideshow probably with captions or text in the images

Interactive map – I want to have a page where there is a map of the circuit and hover buttons that show what the area is being hovered over

Images – Lots of stock images of cars, tracks etc. just to bolster my website with content

Responsive – my website must be able to be viewed on multiple devices and browser sizes and still look like I want it to

Navigation РI want to have  navigation buttons that change when hover over them to increase interactivity.

I am going to keep to a similar style of web page like the other race circuit websites, but not exactly the same.
Here are some designs:






I will use the best features from these designs to create my website.