Although I had looked into news stories from the 20th Century, I could only relate to a couple of articles due to being born in 1991 and only really experiencing the last ten years of the century. I decided that I needed to research some more current news stories, this side of the millennium. I looked through a few websites that listed the top stories of the 21st century, and compiled a shortlist of the 4 that interest me the most, as well as a couple of obscure stories that I found relatively interesting and could perhaps be inspired by.

Here are the websites that I used to obtain my information:

All of the websites had different stories on them as they were chosen by different people, however at least 5 from each website would reappear on both others.

Out of all of the stories I read, I chose these 4:

1. Election (and reelection) of Barack Obama

One idea I had centered the reelection rather than the initial election, because I feel that anything that could be done has probably already been done. I would take the Obama vs Romney campaigns, and mix them up with Mortal Kombat characters, Baraka and Raiden. (Baraka Obama vs Mitt Raiden)

2. Death of Osama Bin Laden

3. The rise of China

4. Global Recession

This was a story in the Telegraph explaining how the US had planned to blow up the moon during the Cold War as a show of strength. The study was abandoned because of the unknown ramifications to Earth as we know it. No shit! I found this article pretty funny because it summed up how ridiculous and potentially devastating the Cold War could have been had everyone been trigger happy. For this my idea was to use the film ‘Despicable Me’, where the main character plans to steal the moon, and change him into the president at the time, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

This was a story about a dog not being allowed into a restaurant in Australia because the staff believed the dog to be gay. Ridiculous, but funny. It’s funny because the dog wasn’t gay, and was in fact a guide dog. The restaurant worker mistook his question, “Can I bring my guide-dog in?” with “Can I bring my gay-dog in?”, saying that “…the gay dog wasn’t allowed in” in response. Not sure how I contextualise this, but nevertheless I found it amusing and worth of being noted at this stage!