Things I need to do

Research into types of website

–        Skills I can use

–        Skills I can learn

  • Write down all of the skills I would like to learn, and designate them to websites to experiment with styles and techniques

Make a detailed plan

–        How much time will it take – Project will last until 24th April 2013, but I aim to complete it by the 1st, xo I can spend the remaining time fixing/editing/tweaking/feedback etc.

–        How many websites? – 5 to 10 websites

–        Themes/ideas for each website (made-up?)

  • Semantic
  • Responsive
  • Dynamic

–        Choose which skills/techniques to use

–        Dates for the addition of web design assignment websites

More research

–        Research into themes for my portfolio website

–        Research into themes for my website(s)

  • Notebook/paper style
  • Illustrative/cartoony
  • Two-tone colour
  • Photo realism
  • Transparency
  • Typographical
  • Textures/patterns
  • Retro
  • Nature
  • Abstract

–        Try to find one or two clients to help with idea generation

  • Show ability to work to client specifics
  • Deadlines

–        Colour research