To know what font we wanted to use, we looked at several different fonts to decide what kind of style we wanted to go for.

We wanted to stick to a traditional theme, and not take too much away from the values held by the Dickens Fellowship.

Here are some that we looked at:


I particularly liked the Ostrich Sans font, as I felt that it was simplistic, but embraced modernism without losing touch with traditional values.

The font EcuyerDAX is the one currently used on the pamphlet inside the Dickens House Museum, and I believe that we will probably use this in our design and developments.


Once we had researched some fonts, we started to look at colour palettes, to see what would be appropriate for the designs we were going to come up with. We used the Dickens House Museum pamphlet to draw inspiration and guide us towards a solution.

These are the colours that we came up with. As you can see, the traditional reds, golds, purples are all there, and we want to represent the era that the Dickens House is accustomed to. When we went to the house we found that many of the furnishings, paintings, ornaments and books kept to this kind of colour scheme, so we would be doing an injustice if we were not to draw on this.