Tom, Rachel an myself were to research our client, as well as researching our target audience.

Client: Lee Ault, Curator of ‘The Dickens House Museum

This was the brief set to us by the client: Design a printed souvenir programme for the Dickens House 40th Anniversary. The programme must be commemorative, exciting and tactile.

Our main priorities were to concentrate on the fundamentals of the project.

When will the events be taking place?
What are the different events? What do they include?
Where is the location of all the events taking place.
Why? About  Dickens house and what it’s been doing the past 40 years.
Design must engage the right audience, catch the eye of the right person – this will be conveyed through use of imagery, colours and type
The audience:

Mostly members of the Dickens interest group,  anyone interested in the Dickens literature, or history of that era.

Needs of the audience:

The leaflet must be able to be read with ease
It must be interesting, otherwise there is no point making it!
It must have all of the necessary information
Our final idea has to be viable