Went to the Dickens House exhibition with Rachel and Tom today, to do a bit of research for our brief. We have emailed the curator of the museum for more information into what they would like to see in our design work, but are still awaiting a response.

Her husband gave us a tour of the house, and gave us an account of the life of Charles Dickens, and we were suitably impressed with the vast collection of trinkets, and Charles Dickens works that were on display. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs, except of the outside of the house, but hopefully when we hear from the curator we may be able to acquire some images that we could potentially use in our final piece, or at least some suggestions on where to source some copyright free material.

We all found the museum fascinating, and I was surprised that there were not more people in there, but this was probably because of the weather!

We are definitely planning to go again, hopefully next time with our full group.


Dickens House

Dickens House