I have decided to make a website to display my work as a web developer, to show prospective clients and employers and help me in my third year of University.

Firstly, I found a website that explained the best ways of creating a portfolio website. I am in now way going to folow this method, but I will certainly use one or two aspects of it to help me along my way, as well as taking on board hints and tips.



Here are some examples of websites that I can use to draw inspiration for my own project.


I like the way that the designer has incorporated his own flair and creativity into the home page, and continued this throughout the entire website. Their work has been displayed on this page in a format that takes advantage of javascript animation to show the user that they have an apt understanding of their subject area. This is something that I want to imitate in my own portfolio, showcasing all of the different skill sets that I have.


Here is an example of a website that I do not want to imitate. Although the interactivity/animation is pretty well coordinated, and works pretty well, this website to me seems more like one big blog. I already have a facebook account, and a blog, so creating something to this effect would seemingly be pointless. I want an opportunity to properly showcase my own work, and get it out into the public domain.


This website is a good example of what I want to achieve by the end of this project. I am not particularly keen on the specific design methods that they have used, but the format and functi0nality are pretty much what I am after. I like the way that they have separated every aspect of their design agency into separate pages. However I don’t like that each page is incredibly messy in terms of clutter (in my own opinion), but at the end of the day this is not what mine will look like.


Although foreign, and I can only guess a few words on this website, I really enjoyed the animation used to introduce this website. I’m fairly confident in Adobe Flash as I created a multimedia solution in my second year at sixth form. However I wasn’t completely confident with my use of actionscript, so to create an entire website based on an animation created in flash to me seems a bit too much of a task. I have a clearer understanding of HTML and CSS, so it would probably be a good idea to stick to what I know, although i’m not ruling out the possibility of incorporating a small amount of flash animation to extend my skill set.


So far, this is my favourite of all the portfolio websites I have looked at so far. It is simple, effective, humourous, showing a variety of web development techniques. The only critiscism I have is a distinct lack of colour. Although I still find the design of the website visually powerful and to the point.