Here is a rough plan of the shots I want to do for my visual effects piece. This is based on the final idea, and flows accordingly. I have included all of the text that I am going to add to the sequence to contextualize my piece as a film trailer, rather than a fight scene. I will design the format for these during the next couple of weeks, as well as constructing a storyboard, so that I can properly portray my ideas on paper, as well as having something to send to my prospective actors in addition to an action based script.

OPENING: “Coming Soon”
Shot 1: MAN in a room, sitting in a chair by a table, wearing a suit and sunglasses.
Shot 2: From behind MAN, shot of a door as MAN2 walks in, also wearing a suit and sunglasses.
Shot 3: MAN2 enters the room
Shot 4: MAN gets up from his seat
Shot 5: MAN takes off his sunglasses (reveals red eyes)
Shot 6: MAN2 takes off his sunglasses too, revealing blue/green eyes
Shot 7: MAN reaches for weapon in his pocket
Shot 8: MAN2 forces MAN back into his seat
Shot 9: MAN gets up and runs onto table, weapon in hand
Shot 10: MAN2 runs onto the table, weapon in hand
Shot 11-15: 5-10 second fight scene using light-swords
“Fall 2014”
Shot 16: Man1/2 laying face down on the table, weapon next to him. Man1/2 leaves room in the background – depth of field focal shot
For the final shot, I was thinking of using slow motion to emphasise the impact of the weapon hitting the table. I also wanted to use this technique for just before the fight sequence begins, until the point where the two weapons collide.