There are lots of printers but not many good publishers

The role of the editor becomes very important in terms of assurance of quality

The process of mass-media controlled by gatekeepers has been described as Gutenberg Economics – a commercial model that underpins mass-media from Gutenberg onwards, allowing the ruling classes to impose control over the media.

Kurt Lewis was the first to use the term ‘gatekeeper’ in this context


  • Audience – Information
  • Gatekeeper – Money
  • Creative – Ability to get their work out there
  • Status quo – Change peoples opinions


  • Audience – Misinterpretation, ‘spoon-fed’
  • Gatekeeper – Pressure
  • Creative – Competition
  • Status quo – CAN mess it up

Gutenberg economics have dictated media production for over 500 years. A select few voices have been communicated to the audience, and only now is this starting to change. Like the printing press in Gutenberg’s time, the internet in our time is still a fairly new invention, and there is no way to accurately predict the effect the internet will have on the world in years to come, although there are statistics and trends such as the increase in online shopping and other online services, and the decay of high street shopping that could be linked. However this could be for economic or social reasons that have nothing to do with the web. User generated content allows many to speak to many on a free basis which could compromise Gutenberg Economics.