Leaving shooting until we break up for xmas?
     – make sure everything is planned, scripted, choreographed, researched, practised
     – research and practise will help speed up the effects creation, as the hard part (learning how to make them) will be done
     – leave AT LEAST a week to render: Jan 9th-16th minimum

Steering away from Star Wars
     – not a copy, done to death by thousands (Star wars kid etc)
     – NO Jedi.
     – Thinking of using suits, which unlocks several potential locations/costumes/themes
               – dinner with a friend
               – meeting with a colleague/client
               – office situation
     – research how to add backgrounds effectively using chroma key screens (greenscreen)

Green Screen (chroma key)/props
     – book uni room or buy fabric and book out lighting etc.
     – possibly buy additional fabric if using the uni room
               – felt, non-glossy
     – possibility of using different/modded weapons