During my lecture, I spoke to Simon about my project and how it was coming along. We discussed the various aspects of my concept that needed going over before I developed them any further. Initially we discussed my initial idea in it’s simple form, which was that I wanted to shoot a 30 second ‘fight scene’ between two people, which involved a very short intro, a 15-20 second combat section between the two using light swords (lightsabers), and a short outro. To incorporate visual effects into the scene,I would animate the light swords using after effects, and by filming the scene against a green screen I could adapt the background to whatever I wanted.

After discussion, the story was adapted so that it would be more of an assassination than fight, as I needed to steer the theme away from a more violent nature, shortening the actual death as much as possible and concentrating on the effects rather than the storyline itself which would just flow naturally with the scene.

We also discussed the creation of props, and I decided that rather than solely animating the weapons, I would create some filmable props which could then be masked and tracked using after effects, as this would provide me with a smoother finish and would be far easier to track movement. During the lecture we learned about using particle effects, so I would be able to use this function to add sparks etc. which would give a more realistic effect to the finished artifact.

As well as the weapons, we also talked about incorporating other aspects of combat into the scene, as I felt that there wasn’t enough work being put into the animations. this included adding ‘force’ effects such as pushing objects/people around, and using lightning bolts.

This scene isn’t going to be a rip off of Star Wars. I want to make it clear that although I am drawing inspiration from the films, I am in no way trying to copy them. I won’t be using Jedi as my characters, and I won’t be stealing any music/artwork/scenery etc. from any of the movies. This will be more of a tribute to the entity that is the Star Wars saga, and will obviously have my own unique twists/ideas/ccncepts.

In preparation for the next stages, I have met up with my number one actor/contributor to discuss my ideas, and he is more than happy to help with shooting. He has as keen an interest as I do in the theme, and has been involved with several cosplay groups, so wil be a great asset to me during the production of this motion graphics piece.

Below I have included a few videos that I have used to research what I will have to do to complete this assignment. There are a couple of tutorials, which I will not be copying, but I will definitely need to use tutorials to understand how to even start making some of the effects that I plan to use, as I have never done anything like this before.

Star Wars Kid

Lightsaber Duel

Force Lightning


How to build a lightsaber

How to animate a lightsaber on After Effects