After much deliberation, I think I have come up with a solid idea for what I can do. Although not particularly original, it has become clear to me after doing research into what kind of industry i’ll be aiming to get into, that I will need some sort of portfolio of example work in order to display an good example of the work I am capable of doing. Seeing as I want to become a web developer, the most obvious way to do this will be to make an e-portfolio, in the form of a website. After meeting some people from the industry in Thursdays web design lecture, they made it clear that before they consider anyone for employment or internship, they would ask to see a portfolio of work. This would be a constant for any web design/development company, so it is essential that I sort this out by the end of this academic year so that I can start looking for placements and potential employment opportunities from the beginning of the first year.

My plan is to create about 5-10 example websites (as well as adding any websites that I create during the course of the year for other assignments, and showcase them on one master website. I haven’t finalized this idea with my lecturer yet, but I’m pretty confident that I can create an artifact accompanied by a body of work excessive enough to last, and to warrant a high grade at the end of the year.

Ultimately, the aim for this assignment is to achieve a high mark, because not only is this am opportunity to bolster my degree, but if i can get a high grade in this, it will be evidence enough (to me at least) that I have chosen the correct course, that I’m good at what I want to do, that the work I produce is of a high quality/standard, and that I have produced a body of work that will be advantageous for me and my future career path. It is also an opportunity for me to experiment (to a certain degree) with styles and themes, and will give me the practice that I need to become an expert in my chosen field. It will allow me to research the industry in depth, both in terms of theory and of the practice itself, making me an all round better web developer. It also gives me the chance to immerse myself in the work, as having to design and build multiple websites will cement into my brain a method that works well for me, allowing me to approach my other web assignments, and potential work with clients with relative ease.