Today we welcomed two representatives from Red Carrot a web development company. It was extremely interesting to meet two people who are in the industry, to give us a clearer idea about what to expect. The first and foremost part that stuck in my mind was that the owner of the business said that he would not even consider an applicant unless they had a portfolio to back up their skills. This was a real eye opener, as I currently do not have one, due to only really being properly introduced to web development upon commencing university. I had some (very) basic knowledge of HTML, but nothing that could create even a functional blank web page. Now of course I have gained an adequate level of understanding for HTML and CSS, I can think about creating a portfolio, and designing some practise websites to explore, enhance and showcase the skills I have.

Overall I really enjoyed the time we had with them, and found it extremely beneficial. They gave us tips on how to become more successful, and to boost the chances of a prospective employer being interested in hiring. The visit has definitely given me an insight into the industry, and I feel more confident that after three years at university, as long as I apply myself there is no reason why I can’t become a pretty good web developer.  It has also helped me start to think of ideas for my upcoming assignment, as I was really considering creating a portfolio for myself, however i’m undecided as to whether I will create it for this assignment, or for my self initiated project.