I had been looking forward to this lecture, as I was quite excited about the prospect of being able to run my own project on pretty much whatever I wanted (within reason). It will give me the opportunity to explore a subject area that maybe we only touched upon last year, or to expand on and hone my current skill sets. During the lecture we were asked to answer a series of random questions to do with aspirations and desires about achievements and career paths. This gave me the opportunity to analyse myself and work out what I was good/bad at and what I would want to do if I could. Looking through the answers I gave it was clear that I was interested in making (short) films. Although primarily a web designer, by far my favourite assignment from last year was the Lens Based Media assignment to make a short film. This being said, i’m not definitely deciding to do this again because it was obviously a lot less stressful having two other people in my group, and i’m not sure if i’d want to go down that path on my own unless I was teaming up with someone else.
The lecture gave me a better understanding of how I can generate a more general kind of idea about what I might want to do. The entire process is a lot harder being told to do whatever I like , as most people struggle to come up with initial ideas with a more confined assignment anyway, so it’s  useful tool to look at my own skills and use that to discover roughly what kind of project I would like to undertake.