Our first brief of the year in Design Practice was to create a design agency, forming groups covering the fields of graphic design, web design, and video and motion graphics.

In preparation for this, we researched Belbin’s 9 team roles.

Monitor Evaluator
Resource Investigator
Completer Finishers

I felt as though I were a mixture of a few, including monitor evaluator (as I have a good understanding of thinking logically and laterally), teamworker (I work well in groups where the workload and ideas can be shared) and specialist (for the purpose of this brief, I am the web design specialist in the group I am in).

We then looked at what kinds of designers we were. There were seven categories, and these were:

Pablo Picasso – The perfectionist
Albert Einstein – Smart, ‘no pain no gain!’
David Copperfield – Great storyteller and illusionist (expensive)
Captain Hook – Cunning, sly and avoids plagiarism
Gandhi – Obliged to right wrongs, effect change peacefully
Bashful Dwarf – Shares praise, insecure about talents, lack of confidence
Ella of Frell – Chooses not to decline any clients wish

I saw myself as being a mixture of Captain Hook and the Bashful Dwarf.

Our next task was to research different design agencies.
Here are two that I looked at:


Tomato is a collective design agency, working with artists, musicians, designers etc. They undertake cross-platform media projects, and noone in the agency claims work as an individual. The idea of being a collective agency is that there is a big emphasis on collective work.


Pentagram differs from Tomato, in that it is a partnership rather than a collective. It is a worldwide agency, and also the worlds largest independent design consultancy. They are based in London, New York, San Fransico, Austin and Berlin. They have only19 members, and these members can share resources to help complete design briefs.

After looking at some design agencies, we researched job roles.

Principal/Owner – Overall boss and man in charge
Creative Director – Provides creative direction to all workers
Art Director – Supervises and unifies a working outcome from a team of designers
Senior Designer – Chief designers, answer to all directors and delegate jobs to the middleweight designers
     Middleweight Designer – Answerable to the senior designers, delegate jobs to the junior designers
Junior Designers – Answerable to all of the above
Art Worker – Someone with a specific skill set in their field
Production Worker – Someone who ultimately produces the work that has been designed
Project coordinator – Makes sure everything is running smoothly

With this knowledge, we could set about creating our own design agency.