Today we were introduced to our module and the first assignment brief. The brief is to create a Design Agency, and to do this I will have to team up with fellow students who fall into complimentary team-roles and skill sets. I have teamed up with Rachel Hancock, Thomas Curtis, Steven Williams and Adreas Lampropoulos. We will rendezvous during the week in order to discuss what our name and philosophy will be, as well as outlining a rough plan of what we plan to achieve by the end of the assignment, based on each others strengths and weaknesses so that we can do as well as we possibly can. Although we haven’t met up yet, I plan on building the website for our yet to be named Design Agency. There will be other jobs to allocate such as marketing and advertising, and branding and logo design. Once we have met up I will post on here what our plans are for tackling this assignment.